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Who we are

We were unsettled ex-agency people who became bored, twitchy, and disenchanted with what we were doing in various high-level Enormicom positions, handling accounts like McDonalds, Coke, and, insert big-or-cool-company-brand-vying-for-market-leadership-and-fighting-the-eternal-battle-for-percentage-gain-points here. Systems thinkers all, we started to connect the constellation of dots between resources, growth, population, consumption — and marketing. And we realized we needed to change our priorities.

Started in 2002, egg is a hybrid advertising-design-social-interactive creative brand communications and product development company, whose sole raison d’etre is to promote the products, the services, and the brands that are similarly systems-thinking — if brands can indeed be said to think — and that have an overarching regard for the greater impact and import of their business on society as a whole.

To find out more about the way we are structured, the way we think, and the way we view the world, click here.