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You’ll want to peruse Rethink to get a deeper sense of what we do. But if you’re looking for things that fit inside nutshells, here goes.

We build brands. We build connections between conscious consumers and sustainable brands. We are translators and interpreters, shamans and storytellers. (Don’t worry, we won’t subject you to a sweat lodge or drum circle — unless, of course, you insist.) Our goal is to help our clients (who we consider partners because of our shared mission) bring their products and services out into the world successfully, in as authentic a manner as possible. To do that, we channel the hidden stories and signifiers that already exist within a company or organization, and that have real cultural relevance and resonance. We draw them out, bring them to life, and create tribes around them.

We are idea-centric in communications strategy, which means we start with a brand idea and then build a creative media delivery system around it for best effect. To do this, we use a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates all of the tools, tactics, and tricks of traditional and nontraditional marketing.

Our work is always intensely strategic from the very beginning; we believe that design and creativity without traceable strategy is just decoration. We feel strongly that a rigorous and comprehensive strategic process is partly the key to truly great, unique and authentic solutions. From there, it gets down to great creative ideas.

As far as our creative approach goes, it’s probably best for you to take a look at our work. Suffice it to say that our target audience — the conscious consumer — is culturally sophisticated, hates advertising, and can smell inauthenticity a mile away. So our work needs to reflect this sensibility at every level.

Crucially, we take an integral, systems-thinking approach to everything we do, and we throw ourselves into our work with intense personal interest — we are not just selling soft drinks and fast food here, we are working to further the sustainability movement and create real cultural change.

No two clients are alike; no two solutions are alike. But here are some of the disciplines we invoke to help our clients succeed.

Brand development
Digital / Social marketing
Market research: quantitative and qualitative
Events, grassroots, guerilla and experiential strategies
Public relations
Product naming
Design / Packaging
Shopper marketing
Food product development
Anything that hasn’t been done yet