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The Honest Co.

Brand Launch

egg was brought in by Jessica Alba's new “eco-chic” e-commerce start-up, The Honest Company, to develop a compelling brand aimed at new moms who want safe, healthy and stylish baby-related products. Born out of the Dark Angel star and new mother's obsession with non-toxic, biodegradable baby products, The Honest Company is her answer to the overwhelming research showing that most products used for the diapering and care of children are toxic and environmentally unfriendly. Honest delivers monthly CSA-type packages containing everything from corn-based disposable diapers and wipes, to gentle, biodegradable organic cleansers and dishwasher detergent.

Because of the lifestyle nature of the brand, the broad range of offerings, and the fact that it is an online offering (not bricks-and-mortar), creation of a cohesive and powerfully compelling brand was key to the success of the entire product line.

With its new brand in place, and live in the marketplace, Honest — a privately funded start-up — secured a first round of $27 million in funding, and is rapidly growing a subscriber base of brand evangelists.

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Identity Work

The Honest Company mark is wholly the embodiment of the brand. Designed to convey high quality, friendly approachability, and environmental sensitivity, the personable eco-trustmark uses a childlike butterfly to communicate themes of transformation, freedom, natural systems-thinking and generational sustainability.


Our visual design language was conceived to steer clear of tired green themes, and appeal to the young, LA hipster eco-mom through pop whimsy, with magical and playful organic shapes and forms. Modern storybook, with a little Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak thrown in as subconscious cues, completed the decorative vision and illustrative brand toolkit.

Digital social

Digital social Work

Launching a new eco brand in a crowded category is one thing, but launching an online, subscription-based brand in a crowded category is entirely another. A robust web platform is critical, with extremely concise and targeted messaging to encourage trial and prevent opt-out. A super-smooth funnel and intuitive e-commerce UX is key, and, considering the star power behind the brand, a comprehensive socially-enabled strategy had to be factored into the bones of the build-out.

Pack design

Pack design Work

The brand family consists of 20 SKUs, ranging in forms from a multi-surface cleaner and dishwashing gel, to sunscreen, bubble bath, wipes, and of course, diapers. The design system uses a brand architecture aided by infographics, color and form. Beyond the design, what we love even more is that the line is 100% free of the following: SLS, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances & dyes, glycol, enzymes, caustics, phosphates, 1,4-dioxane, chlorine, DEA, formaldehyde, petrochemicals, common allergens, and well, any badness at all.


Shortly after launching, with its hot new brand in place, the PR and social media machines kicked in, furiously fueling the craving for “eco-celebrity anything,” and Honest, a privately funded start-up, secured a first round of $27 million in funding, and is rapidly growing a subscriber base of brand evangelists.

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