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Our clients

We are for the challengers, the visionaries, the bold ones–the brands, organizations and individuals that strive to do well, and do good. Or at least those that are trying their damnest to do less bad. Those that are aiming high for solutions to big problems. And who want a healthy financial bottom line, along with a healthy social and environmental top line.

This “double bottom line” can be manifested in any number of ways — through a company’s product or service, its sourcing and elimination of production materials, a true commitment to recycling, pollution prevention or energy conservation, its attention to stakeholders in the community, how employees are treated, or a myriad of other ways. We work with clients in a diverse set of industries — from organic food to green building, from energy efficiency to socially responsible investment, from health and wellness to personal care, and everything in between. Every client represents a fascinating new challenge, because what unites all of these organizations is a drive for true cultural change, a focus on innovation for the sake of human and planetary health.

egg shares a passion and perspective with these forward-thinking companies, and we are committed to helping them succeed using brand as a tool for change. We are living in a time of explosive cultural change, as awareness of limited planetary resources and unsustainable practices becomes widespread, and we love working with the changemakers who are not content to perpetuate business as usual.